Paul Anstiss


Paul Anstiss is a former BBC News reporter and presenter and has worked on such programmes as the BBC 24-hour News Channel, Business Today, World Business Report, Breakfast News, and the Today programme. He works for the Hague Academy as our English-language mediatrainer.

During the course of his career Paul has covered a wide range of stories from climate change in Antarctica to the conflicts in Bosnia and Somalia.  His experience as a broadcast, print, and web journalist gives him a clear insight into what makes a story a story. He knows what the media are looking for.

In addition to his work as a journalist, Paul is a seasoned media trainer and presentation coach.  He has helped many entrepreneurs, CEOs, NGOs, and politicians become effective communicators by sharing with them useful communication tips and techniques and through rigorous message testing. Paul will show you how to take a pro-active role in shaping a positive outcome in any brush with the media. No longer will you see an interview with a journalist as an ordeal but as a golden opportunity.